Broken, Changed and Rearranged

Sometimes we are just one truth away from the next person we are meant to be.

This powerful self-development book reveals what happens when the worst part of your life comes to light, and how to rise from it.

Many of us have stories we keep locked away. We hold onto these secrets tightly because we are fearful if the truth came out, we would be unworthy of the love we deeply long for. Some of us spend our whole lives captive to these stories.

This excruciating silence creates a life imprisoned by one hallmark fear: What if someone finds out?

Liesl Hays once believed her deepest, darkest secret would destroy her life. Then, one afternoon she was sitting across from her manager in a translucent glass office and the words she feared most exited her superior’s mouth.

How could a 34-year old with a successful corporate career, doting husband and amazing children be one secret away from blowing up her life?

In this powerful self development book, Liesl reveals what happens when the worst part of your life is on public display and how this unraveling led to her rising.

Perhaps you are carrying around stories that are left untold. These carefully edited chapters in your life feel impossibly heavy. In the silence, these stories are a constant reminder you are never free. You are captive to a fear that constantly rests inside your stomach, “What happens when they know?”

Are you ready to step outside the silence and set yourself free?

This book is the beginning of your redemption story and it’s going to challenge you to:

  • Own your story so it no longer has power over you or those you love
  • Identify beliefs and patterns that led to choosing your destructive stories
  • Listen deeply to your inner voice and respect its wisdom
  • Align your life priorities to what you care deeply about
  • And MOSTLY…not allow un-important voices to shape your life