One of my favorite authors, Glennon Doyle says,
“All beautiful things begin on the bathroom floor.”

I tend to agree with her.

The last time I was on the bathroom floor I was 34 years old.  I just quit my corporate job at one of the largest global healthcare IT companies in the world, my marriage was a wreck of epic proportions and my children knew me as the last mom to pick them up from daycare. 

One hot August afternoon, I turned in my laptop, badge and one of the last identities holding my fragile ego together: corporate career woman.

As I packed up what felt like my entire life into a small cardboard box, I silently thought: Wasn’t it supposed to be so much better than this?

Then I drove home while ugly crying and wondering if changing my hair color would make me feel any better (spoiler alert: it didn’t)

When I made it home I took a really hot shower, got my PJS on and sat on the bathroom floor for an un-mentionable amount of time.

 The bathroom floor was the most beautiful place to ever find me.


Have you ever felt like you’re living someone else’s life?  Maybe you’re so committed, turning back feels impossible now?  Perhaps you’ve struggled knowing what brings you joy because you’ve been living for everyone else.


liesl hays bathroom

I believe life-changing moments happen with small practices adding up to larger results.  While I love a great inspirational message or book (in fact, I’m writing one), I believe living the life you want happens through daily practice.  

Several practice drills later, I’ve found the latest and truest evolution of myself: owning small businesses, truth-telling, mentoring, writing and loving my people by taking care of myself first. 

While I appreciate a positive message, I think our society places too much value on positivity.  I think this is why many of us feel so incredibly broken; the highlight reel appears authentic.

In everything I create, I want to be honest about my real lived experiences.

People tell me that’s refreshing.  I  think it’s terrifying.  But none-the-less I digress…