Liesl Hays is a
Word Artist. Truth-Seeker. Choice-maker. Inspirer.

In 2016, Liesl was BROKEN.

Her marriage was barely surviving, she was working sixty hours a week at her corporate job, and she was usually the last mom to pick her kids up from daycare. She was in crisis.

In a brave effort to CHANGE her life, she left a decade-long career in human resources and opened an Inn located in downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Entrepreneurship taught Liesl the value of trusting her inner voice, setting boundaries, and balancing her work and family.

She has REARRANGED her life to live in alignment with her truest, most authentic self. In her latest evolution, she is an author, entrepreneur, and Human Resources Consultant.

Liesl runs on coffee, “to do lists”, and the belief life begins after you STOP chasing happiness and being chasing MEANING. She lives in Lee’s Summit, MO with her partner Harlen, children Mady and Ethan, and their two horribly behaved dogs: Bear & Lily.