Broken, Changed & Rearranged by Liesl Hays

Authentic. Inspiring. Courageous.

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I could NOT put the book down. Liesl shares her darkest of times, which most of us keep hidden safely in the attic. She is vulnerable, courageous, and inspiring to everyone on how to heal from our mistakes and find peace within ourselves! -Tracy

Liesl Hays reaches in your brain, sees those pieces you think no one sees, and helps you find how to be authentically you. -KCO

I read their books and I wanted to punch them in the throat. That’s how I started to feel about self-development writers “Here’s how I live the most incredible life and you can too!” Every title would tell me about yet another ineptitude. Not Broken, Changed and Rearranged, instead Hays comes out raw and completely exposed as she made one bad decision after another due to a lack of boundaries and how she slowly came to recognize the destructive pattern. She shares her private, quiet times of self-reflection and shame which led me not to feel alone on my own journey. She reassures the reader through her long process that it’s possible to come out on the other side and dance once again like nobody’s watching. -Dawn

It’s so refreshing to have someone share their crisis with total honesty. On some level I think we all can relate to being sucked in to what society makes us feel like we should be. I love the idea of finding your true self and what truly makes you happy. -Jodi