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Has success been your mission for a long time?

You’ve followed all the rules.

All those neatly constructed life milestones you were supposed to follow?

(Get married, have kids, buy a big house, work 60 hours a week)

You’ve crushed them.

You are the poster child for success.

While making the whole world jealous, you are certain you’ll eventually figure out the secret to what makes for a meaningful life.


Are you tired of chasing stories that were created for you?

Lately, you’ve found yourself asking,

“Were these neatly constructed milestones even my idea to begin with?”

As you inventory each choice, you recognize you were present for each one, but they feel foreign.

However, this recognition is overshadowed this fear.

It feels too late to turn around.


Hi! I’m Liesl. I believe life begins once you agree to write your own story.

For most my life, I chased stories that were created for me and not by me.

After living this way for 34 years, I found myself in the thick of crisis.

After years of unraveling the narratives that weren’t authentic, I’m inspired to help you do the same.


Have you started it yet?

Have you asked yourself lately what you want your story to look like?

There has never been a better time to stop chasing stories that aren’t meant for you.

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