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Book Clubs & Donuts

You want book clubs. You really really want book clubs. we heard you. We're now offering a series of in-person and virtual book clubs to discuss Broken, Changed & Rearranged. Each session will have the author (that's me) present and take-aways we can all action from the book. [...]

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Traditional Success Lies

We all buy into traditional versions of success at some point.Here are some examples:“Once I become an executive at my company, I will feel fulfilled in my career”“Working 60 hours a week and constantly hustling is the only way to achieve success”“Success is all about money”Traditional versions of [...]

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Maybe the opposite of control is love

Maybe the opposite of control is love. -Glennon Doyle I've been feeling extremely vulnerable recently. My book-Broken, Changed & Rearranged- is going to be released in a hot minute and sharing my story out loud feels f-ing vulnerable. Creating is vulnerable. Sharing the worst thing about myself out [...]

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Book Preorder Link is LIVE!!

Beloveds, It's officially time to preorder your copy of Broken, Changed and Rearranged. This book is as much for me as it is for you. Thank you for all your support. Broken, Changed and Rearranged is a powerful self-development guide that reveals what happens when the worst part of [...]

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The holiday visitor you didn’t invite…

Balancing holiday commitments each year is a challenge most of us face.  However, this year there’s an unexpected elephant in the room that accompanies all holiday decisions: COVID.  Recently, I’ve had several people communicate an added layer of stress around annual holiday traditions.  The days where we fought [...]

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Air fryers and Over-commitment

I’ve been wanting to buy an air fryer for a while now. One of my favorite things to bake is homemade donuts.  I’m increasingly excited about the potential of frying my donuts to see how they turn out. This week, I mentioned this wish list item to my [...]

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