We all define our lives based on stories created for us and not by us.

Labels are a great example of expectations placed on us and not created by us.

Here are a few  old labels I recently said “hell no” to:

“Self-less wife and mother”

“Hustle-hard corporate climber”

“Always accommodating and grateful woman”

Our identities can become wrapped up in unhelpful labels.

What are you outside of your labels? What is your identity when you let go of all the things you are supposed to be?

Mine are: Word-artist, Truth-teller, Choice-maker, Healer, and Inspirer.

Ready to start assigning zero points to those pesky labels in your life?

Check out my feature on the Breaking Labels Podcast where I discuss the labels in my life that used to define me and how I broke free.

I believe you are more than a label,