I believe…

Everybody has a story.

People need to to feel heard.

Attention is one of the most precious gifts you can give others.

People want to be noticed.

These core beliefs are the foundation for  how I’ve shown up and continue to show up as a facilitator for the last decade.

Up For a Course Now

I’m not for everyone and that is my super power.

If you put a “want ad” out for your ideal speaker it would sound like this:

1. I just need someone to be real: You’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to embrace the mess. You need a speaker who is willing to share hard truths about life and leans into the discomfort of messy topics lots of speakers avoid.

2. I can’t handle another talk that’s only focused on positivity: You’re not searching for a speaker solely focused on positivity or changing your mindset. Your audience needs someone who believes all experiences and emotions are equal teachers. They need someone who has navigated through hard challenges and can share their story.

3. I need someone who wants to dig in with my group: You DON’T want a speaker to give a thirty minute presentation and then exit stage right.  You DON’T need a filler for your 45 minute lunch n’ learn and you certainly don’t want someone who gives the same talk to every group. Instead, you’re looking for someone who is paying attention to your audience, willing to change directions and wants to facilitate a discussion.

4. You have  topic ideas, but you’re still willing to explore: You have a few topic ideas, but you’re not dead-set on any one of them. You’re still willing to explore with your speaker to find the topic that is aligned to your audience and speaker.


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