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Word Artist

I’ve been a word artist since I was a little girl. I used to spend hours writing stories and dreaming up characters in my head. I still express my whole heart through the written word. Instead of using Word Perfect 91’, I do big girl things like blogging. I’m excited to release my first book this fall.


Truth Teller

I believe life begins after you unapologetically accept yourself. Speaking my truth every day is terrifying, messy, beautiful and utterly freeing. Showing up as my whole self is how I engage with my family, friends and clients.



I respect people who make hard choices. I believe busyness and hustle reduce creativity. I don’t say “yes” to anything that doesn’t align with my values. My family, friends and clients know they can count on me to deliver on my promises.


Guide & Mentor

I’m an old soul. I often know how things will play out and I connect the dots easily. I often see what others wrestle with in full clarity. I am not a life coach and I don’t even do one-on-one coaching. I’m a guide. I show up as my whole self and I invite you to do the same.


The holiday visitor you didn’t invite…

November 21st, 2020|

Balancing holiday commitments each year is a challenge most of us face.  However, this year there’s an unexpected elephant in the room that accompanies all holiday decisions: COVID.  Recently, I’ve had several people communicate [...]

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