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So, it wasn’t your year?

It’s okay if this wasn’t your year.

There will be no bright shiny medals provided to people who are living their best lives. There certainly won’t be a crowd of spectators hyping you up because you are living the life everyone is jealous of.

Sometimes, it’s enough to just keep going.


Your path is still important

Your path is just as important as everyone else’s.

The life you don’t want has significant meaning. It is here to wake you up and remind you of what actually matters.

Your quiet brokenness is preparing you for something beautiful.

Just wait.


Embrace the hard

Your new goal is to embrace the hard.

This season is about getting through moment by moment.

You will survive. At times, you will even thrive.


You are not alone

I have been where you are.

Over five years ago, I was in a self-imposed crisis. I was failing in all aspects of my life. Most days, I had a hard time getting out of bed.

During that difficult time, I struggled to find self-help content that spoke to me.

Now I’m inspired to create it for you.


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