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I believe most of us are confused about life’s true purpose

We are told the ultimate goal in life is happiness.

Traditional self-development books remind us that choosing happiness is merely a mindset shift.

In other words, if you’re not happy, it’s because you have a negative mindset and need to work on yourself.


This lie makes us feel like our lives suck when we aren’t happy.

Because most of us believe this lie, we continue to pursue happiness above everything else.

When we aren’t happy all the time, we wonder what the hell we are doing wrong.

We get a life coach, buy a new luxury vehicle, attend yoga classes and click “add to cart.”


What if nothing is wrong with you? Your goal is just impossible.

No really. It’s impossible to be happy all the time.


Chase happiness meaning

I believe life begins after you agree to chase meaning.

Let’s get started…


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