This next few weeks, I’m focusing on living your best life during a difficult time.

“Living your best life” doesn’t mean you have to constantly be crushing all your goals.  Your bucket list items aren’t meant to be lived every day; only some days.

During difficult times, living your best life is going to look different.  I’ve had a few subscribers reach out this week who are going through difficult things: divorces, sick children and 2020 in general.  For them, living their best life simply means getting through each moment.

So, how do you live your best life during a difficult time? 

Here’s a tip that helped me when I experienced a difficult time four years ago (I hope it helps you too).

Just do the next right thing (borrowed from my favorite author Glennon Doyle who spoke to me when I was in crisis).

When I was experiencing crisis, I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.  Because planning each day felt impossible, I’d simply wake up and ask myself this question, “What is the next right thing to do, Liesl?”

It started when my alarm went off, “What’s the next right thing, Liesl?”

Get out of bed.

After I got out of bed and my feet hit the floor, “What’s the next right thing, Liesl?”

Take a shower.

Then, I’d put together a series of these actions to function as an adult (apparently there are expectations).

Some days I was successful at “living my best life during a difficult time” and other days I wasn’t.

Wherever you’re at, I hope you feel just a little more seen today.

I survived a crisis and you can too,

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