Give your audience the inspiration they’ve been looking for…

For over a decade Liesl has been facilitating in-person and virtual training experiences with corporations, organizations, teams and individuals.

Here are the top 5 things people consistently say about hiring her

1. Authentic: Liesl is authentic, candid and immediately puts the audience at ease.

2. Customized: Liesl doesn’t create “out of the box” trainings. She works with clients to identify their needs and creates presentations the audience needs.

3. Follow-up Exercises: Liesl doesn’t just present content-she develops exercises. She provides all audiences tools and exercises they can immediately apply.

4. Connect: Liesl connects with her audiences on an individual level. She listens to their challenges and provides tailored support onsite.

5. Best Friend: Liesl is often told, “I feel like you could be my best friend”. Liesl is relatable, authentic and genuine.


Sample Speaking Topics:

Professional Development Topics

  • Learning to say “no” when it matters most
  • Rearranging your life when your world dramatically changes
  • Embracing a culture of change in your life
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Adopting small habits to change your life
  • Crafting a vision to give your life meaning

Business Development Topics

  • Providing difficult feedback
  • Adopting a culture of change in your organization
  • Establishing a growth mindset for your business
  • Creating a culture of trust in your organization
  • Coaching for high performance